Advantages of Early Detection And Treatment of Mental Diseases In Teens

Advantages of Early Detection And Treatment of Mental Diseases In Teens

Mental health for teens has become a burning issue. According to WHO, mental diseases account for about 16% of the global disease burden in people aged 10-19 years, which is a vast number. Most of these mental cases among young people are not detected early and hence remain untreated. It’s therefore essential to put more effort and resources into the mental wellness of the teens.

Mental Health

Mental health is a state of proper and successful performance of the brain, leading to involvement in productive activities, ability to adapt to change and manage stress, and ability to maintain meaningful relationships. Mental health affects how you act, think, feel, handle challenges and relationships with others.

Importance of Addressing Mental Health Among Teens

Teens are highly vulnerable to their environment. Most teens are not able to handle occupational stress as well as peer pressure. Therefore, teens may suffer mental disorders due to stress and life challenges and indulgence in drugs. However, there is a need to protect and take care of Teen Mental Health, a generation of young and promising people struggling in silence.

  1. To Reduce Delay Time of Treatment

Statistics show that the average delay time from the onset of symptoms of mental illness and d treatment is about 11 years. The vast gap means a lot of damage occurs before teenagers find treatment.

Therefore, it’s essential to focus on teens’ mental health to identify these symptoms and offer early treatment opportunities. Starting treatment soon means a fast response, hence reducing the average cost of treating mental illness among teens.

  1. Reducing Cost of Treatment

Statistics show that depression, a form of mental illness, costs the US about $200 billion to treat. Focusing on mental illness among teens makes prevention measures effective. Early intervention also helps reduce treatment time.

  1. Reducing Criminal Activities Among Teens

People with mental disorders are likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Statistics show that about 70% of youth in the juvenile justice system have a mental disorder in US. Hence, it means that by intervening early, most teens will be safe from mental illness, or they are likely to get early treatment, thus reducing their chances of committing a crime.

  1. Reducing Cases of Suicide

The scope of problems that emanate from mental issues is not limited. Hence, it’s better to prevent and deal with young people’s mental health before other delicate matters such as ideation of suicide arise.

According to WHO, suicide was the fourth leading cause of death globally among people between 15-19 years old in 2019. Hence, there is a need to put all the effort and resources to stop adverse mental illnesses through timely interventions such as identifying behavior change and other symptoms and starting treatment immediately.

  1. Improves Their Personal Health and Quality of life

Mental health significantly affects physical health. Mental health and physical health are interdependent, and hence mental illness will affect physical health and vice versa. Therefore, treating mental illness among teens will improve their physical wellness and thus improve their life. A teen living a well-balanced life is usually more productive and reliable.


Identifying and treating mental illness early among teens is vital. It leads to quick recovery and thus reduces the cost of treatment. Irrespective of the cause of mental illness, there is a treatment for everyone. Let’s get together and help teens prevent or get treatment for mental illness and be able to live a life full of energy again and without guilt.