The Best Technology To Save Gyms Post Covid-19.

The Best Technology To Save Gyms Post Covid-19

Gym operators everywhere are finding themselves hearing and seeing an increase in the issues below; 

  • Seeing numbers declining and memberships on pause
  • Struggling to get the insights easily from using multiple stacking systems
  • Help and support lacking when needed
  • Chasing payments manually costing extra time
  • Inaccuracies 
  • Setting up bespoke membership payments is manual and inflexible

This all being time consuming and costly.

Picture a single use platform that can combine software, member data, access control in real time logging details of classes, membership usage, member habits and automated unlocks of doors. Dreamy right!

A simple switch to a new end-to-end gym management software solution leaving behind the old style separate systems cobbled together in a franenstack form could solve all of your and your team’s problems. 

No longer wasting hours searching on multiple systems, dealing with manual reconciliation processes or inaccuracies. Most importantly, chasing failed payments and second attempts for subscriptions are all taken care of for you. Allowing you more time and resources to help recoup lost revenue  and direct it straight back to your bottom line.

Now spending more time on your business enabling you and your team to truly get to know members with you all having a single up-to-date real time access account of each member, logging each of their workouts, classes attended and booked, individual pricings all accessible by the client also enabling them to book on to classes, manage their payments, set a preferred payment dates and set goals this all help in the organisations favour while still convincing usual gym members to come back to the gym environment post pandemic, and helps gain new members. 

With all of this in mind the biggest opportunity using this new technology is to remain and reboost personal experiences and lasting relationships with our members as after all they are the reason we have functioning profitable gyms in the first place! And who wouldn’t want to be a part of a blossoming, easy to access, popular gym with state of the art technology and equipment?