What Is the Importance Of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

What Is the Importance Of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

With the advent of various disorders, it has become evident that many medical and surgical tools come along with them. Talking about them, the doctors recommend compression garments, but they haven’t received much recognition. Compression garments are also a critical part of creating beautiful and lasting effects. 

Plastic surgery is a special procedure that involves repairing various body parts by transferring tissue. This surgery is performed in cases of injury or due to some cosmetic issues. The surgery involves enhancing the various body parts and invoking a sense of confidence. Also, to get the treatment done right, it becomes important to visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai

  • What do compression garments do? 

When you visit the cosmetic surgeon, he will inform you about the post-recovery process and tell you the benefits of compression garments. 

  • Postoperative pain and swelling

The compression garment will help in maintaining proper and constant pressure. During the entire process, the healing tissues will prevent the build-up of excess fluids and will prepare the body to absorb more and more fluid. This is important to treat post-operative pain and swelling. 

  • Quick results

After consulting an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, you will surely find that compression garments speed up the process of healing. When compression garments are used, they reduce swelling to a good extent and therefore help in decreasing the recovery time. Consequently, you can see the final results quickly. 

  • Improved overall results

The compression garments let the skin contract to your new body contours. This is among one of the major concerns of liposuction patients. Wearing them also prevents a wrinkled or flabby appearance to the skin after body contouring. So, compression garments become an important part of post-operative surgeries. 

  • Protection to incisions

The compression garment will act as a layer of protection for your incisions even when they are covered by bandages, surgical tapes, or gauze. The cosmetic surgeon will recommend you to wear it to stay protected from infection. Also, it will provide padding in case the affected area experiences bumping. 

  • Better blood circulation

Compression garments are known to improve blood circulation in the body. This will help prevent the formation of blood clots that can form anywhere in the body after surgery. The most common cause of blood clot formation is poor blood circulation. 

  • How long should you wear the compression garments? 

This will purely depend on the kind of surgical procedure you have undergone and your cosmetic surgeon’s recommendations in Mumbai. In most cases, the average duration of wearing compression garments is around 4 to 6 weeks. Further, it needs to be worn 24/7, and you are only allowed to take it off while taking a shower. It is recommended that you get the best quality garment for yourself to experience a better recovery phase.