How to Take Care of your Teeth
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How to Take Care of your Teeth

Have you ever been told your teeth look nice? It is possible you are investing a lot in them. Teeth are the window to our general health, improve our facial features, and aid indigestion. Decayed or unhealthy teeth have a huge impact on your life. But you can always have healthy teeth by taking care of them or visiting the dental office Barrie

Taking care of your teeth 

Being a crucial organ in our body, taking care of teeth employs both in-house dental visits and contemporary means. Dentist Barrie will help you establish a teeth maintenance program. He will also help you choose products that are proven to protect your tooth from decay and bacterial infections. 

Here are ways you can use to take care of your teeth.

Brush at least Two Times a Day and Properly 

Most of us are acquainted with brushing our teeth every day at least once. It is a good approach to ensuring your teeth stay healthy for years. However, you should always brush your teeth in a circular motion to remove plagues stuck in between teeth. Failure to do so, the plug may accumulate, resulting in early gum disease, also known as gingivitis. 

Quit Smoking Tobacco 

Tobacco is known as a teeth killer in the medical community for a good reason. CDC states that approximately 43% of people aged 65 years and above and smoke cigarettes have lost all their teeth.   

Tobacco smoking limits the amount of oxygen reaching the gums. This starts a chain of events that will prevent your gums from healing, eventually causing the teeth to fall out. Let it be known that gum diseases are prevalent and progress very first in smokers than nonsmokers. To better understand how tobacco is bad not only to your teeth but general health, visit the dental office Barrie.

Visit a Dentist Biannually

Still, even if you are a dutiful brusher, that may not be enough. Seeing a dentist at least two times annually will elongate your teeth’ life. 

Dentist Barrie will meticulously clean your teeth removing calculus, and spotting developing cavities. They will also look for signs and symptoms of developing diseases, if they are any. 

Drink more Water and Eat Crunchy Foods 

Water is an essential liquid in maintaining the general health of your teeth. Drinking water after every meal flushes away sticky and acidic food particles that may initiate tooth decay. 

On the other hand, crunchy foods contain essential fibers for supporting teeth. In children, crunchy fruits and vegetables train their gums to be strong. 

Avoid Sugary Foods and Beverages. 

Tea and coffee tarnish your teeth. On the flip side, sugary drinks eat away the enamel through acidification of the mouth. This leads to tooth decay and bacterial infections. 

Bottom Line visit

Taking care of your teeth is a lifelong process that involves brushing, visiting a dentist regularly, and eating healthy meals. If you are a prolific tobacco smoker, quitting the habit will reduce the risk of tooth decay and discoloration.