The journey to sober living in Costa Mesa

The journey to sober living in Costa Mesa

Sober living is an amazing journey to recovery. This is because recent inpatient clients are allowed to live in a home that is free from alcohol and drugs. It is equally helpful for those getting out of rehabilitation centers.

The road to recovery is not a one-day affair. It is built over time until you are declared drug-free. It is a daily commitment to healthy living and needs a lot of discipline and repetition.

In this article, we shall delve into some of the factors that can help in the road to recovery for drug addicts in Costa Mesa.

Definition of sober living homes

This is a residence that is meant to provide a substance-free and safe environment for persons recovering from drugs addiction. In here, residents are allowed to handle their daily routines as if they were at their own homes. 

They manage finances, cook, clean and any other duties assigned to them. They also support one another in a 12-step meeting making the road to sobriety easier. A client can live in a sober house for as long as needed, there is no limit.

Expectation and rules for people in sober living

The road to recovery is also governed by rules. The following are some of the rules to be followed.

  • Service commitment is essential in maintaining a sober life. Individuals should be active when participating in step work, voluntary and sponsorship activities.
  • Attend to the responsibilities assigned to you as a way of enhancing personal growth.
  • Cultivate friendships as a way of getting back into your normal routine.

In order to live a successful and positive sober life you ought to;

  1. Build a strong support system

Human beings are generally social creatures. They can achieve a healthy sober living if they are surrounded by strong peers and friends. They should provide them with unending support and love.

Coworkers and family members have also not been left behind in the road to recovery for drug addicts. They should not be treated as lesser beings.

  • Keep off from known triggers

As much as possible, try to avoid activities, things, people and places that can take you take to drugs and alcohol intake. Nightclubs and bars should be a no-go-zone for you.

  • Explore new talents and hobbies

It is important to find out the things you can constantly do to avoid being bored. Being busy helps you avoid the temptation of even thing about your previous condition.

  • Continuity in building of your success

The road to recovery is a day-to-day occurrence. For sober living in Costa Mesa, there is a 12-step program that you can continue to participate in even after leaving rehab.

Parting Shot

Literally speaking, the journey to recovery is not for the faint-hearted. A lot of work is needed to stay clean and sober. Practice and implement all the behavioral techniques that you have learned during your stay in the sober living homes. As much as you can, do not let yourself slide back in to old ways of drugs and alcohol addiction.