Is CBD Worth Considering For Your Pet?

Is CBD Worth Considering For Your Pet?

Most qualified medical professionals will agree that CBD is very therapeutic for animals. Why? The primary reason is that CBD significantly reduces appetite, which keeps a pet from overeating. Obesity in pets is a common problem, particularly for large breed dogs like German shepherds, Rottweilers, etc. Obesity can cause many serious problems such as joint and bone disease, heart disease, and diabetes.

The medical community has not embraced CBD as the treatment of choice for chronic pain in humans, despite anecdotal evidence to support its use for that purpose. Similarly, the FDA has not embraced CBD for cats, despite the fact that cats are also known to suffer with pain syndromes. State laws differ widely and allow for the ownership of CBD products only by qualified veterinarians, although the federal government has not formally approved CBD as an effective treatment for pets. It is, however, widely used in holistic veterinary practices.

So can CBD products really help your cat or dog? Some evidence indicates that CBD may be beneficial for animals suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases. However, the amount of evidence supporting this claim is not very robust. There are very few published studies or trials on the effect of CBD on cancer, arthritis, etc. Although some published articles indicate a positive effect of CBD on some (but not all) of these disorders, it is unclear whether CBD is effective in a real-life situation. And the lack of data makes CBD difficult to assess in the clinic.

Another area where CBD is being investigated is the short term effect on appetite. While there is some anecdotal evidence that CBD can reduce appetite, the lack of rigorous studies and the difficulty of measuring CBD concentrations make this impossible. For now, it seems that the best way to address this issue is with diet supplements, as there is no conclusive evidence that CBD will help humans lose weight.

As for CBD itself, it cannot be considered a drug at all, even though it comes from the same chemical family as many drugs that affect the central nervous system. Because CBD is not a controlled substance, it can be legally purchased over the counter. In many places, it is also available as hemp oil or tea, which is just another derivative of the cannabis plant. But while CBD may have some benefit as an herbal remedy, it should be remembered that it has no FDA approval and is not regarded as a medical treatment for any condition. Therefore, it should be treated as a dietary supplement, with some caution.

People using CBD for themselves may want to consider CBD drops for dogs or cats. These natural drops contain a small amount of CBD, along with other plant-based ingredients such as vitamin E and essential fatty acids. They are much more effective than CBD topical solutions, as they penetrate deeply into the animal’s body. Unlike CBD topical products, the drops do not create the serious side effects that can occur from the use of other pharmaceuticals. In fact, many pet owners find that the effects of CBD drops are very similar to those of their own home remedies!

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