4 Ways Edibles Can Hit You Faster

4 Ways Edibles Can Hit You Faster

Smoking cannabis products is one of the most common ways to consume them, but one of the best tips to follow if you are interested in enjoying a more intense cannabis experience is to try out edibles. If you’re new to the edibles market, it’s important to consider slowly wading into this experience. Many people choose to use edibles because of their slow release, but the process of dosing with edibles can take some practice. If you’re interested in helping regulate your dose and make sure that edibles act faster, here are some effective tips.

Increase Your Metabolism

One of the best ways to increase your metabolism is to start by drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. If you work out in the morning and stay hydrated, edibles that you take in the evening are likely to affect you more.

Try Specially Formulated Edibles

Edibles that have been formulated to maintain their potency are often some of the best products to look for to achieve faster results. Specially formulated chocolates can deliver a much faster experience and this often comes down to the ideal fat composition and potency of the edibles.

Infusing Beverages

Infused drinks are an excellent way to absorb cannabis into your system. Infusing coffee or another beverage will provide you with an excellent start for absorbing cannabis quickly.


A sublingual tincture is a great way to start with traditional edibles. You can have the tincture quickly dissolve under your tongue or you can add the mixture into your baking through cannabis butter and a wide range of other properties.

Consider some of these effective tips if you would like to improve the speed that your body absorbs cannabis products.

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