Helpful tips for choosing the right marijuana strain for your health needs

For decades, the media viewed marijuana as a harmful substance that affects people’s mental state, making them behave in an unethical manner. However, as more states legalize the growing of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, it is evident the stereotypes were not true.

Several scientific studies have confirmed marijuana has health benefits in the human body. Marijuana users choose to consume the substance because it helps in promoting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you would like to grow marijuana, look for growing marijuana guides to enjoy the health benefit of the plant.

Here are tips to help you choose the right marijuana strain for you:

  1. Understand the types of marijuana strains; Sativa and Indica

The marijuana plant contains two compounds that work to generate effects in your body. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is associated with producing the mind-altering effect that makes you high. It also alleviates pain, stimulates appetite, and alleviates nausea. Cannabidiol or CBD provides a therapeutic feeling, reduces inflammation, eases pain, and reduces anxiety.

Marijuana is available in 2 different strains that contain different levels of CBD and THC. Marijuana products from the Sativa strain have high levels of THC and low CBD levels. These products have uplifting and stimulating effects. Sativa products are better consumed during the day as they will increase your energy levels, promote socializing, and enhance creativity.

Indica strains have low THC and high CBD levels. They will provide you with sedating and calming effects. Indica strains are better consumed at night as they reduce stress, relax muscles and promote sleep. They are beneficial to persons with arthritis, cancer, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, lupus, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

  1. Research specific strains

After identifying the types of marijuana strains, you should research the marijuana strains to help you select the correct type of strain you need. Understanding the strains’ compositions will help you pick the right strain to solve your health condition.

Each strain has unique compounds. Some will solve your sleeping disorders, or anxiety while some will stimulate your appetite. Determine which results you want to achieve, and choose the strain that will work for you.

  1. Know your tolerance

While other substances might cause damage to the nervous system, marijuana’s effects on the brain are harmless and a short-time sensation known as tolerance. Repeated consumption of marijuana increases tolerance in individuals, which causes diminishing effects each time an individual uses the substance.

If you are inexperienced in marijuana, you should use lower THC strains and higher in CBD to achieve your desired effects without the invigorating feeling caused by THC. However, if you have repeatedly used cannabis, you should use strains high in THC and lower in CBD.

  1. Consider the aromas you like

Do you plan to smoke the marijuana strain? If yes, you should find the strain that you like its aroma. Each strain has its unique smell and taste. Marijuana has molecules that produce aromas and smells. These molecules work with cannabinoids to produce the therapeutic effect of marijuana. Some strains smell fruity, while others have a skunky smell. Choose the strains that smell you love.

  1. Consider availability

When looking for strains online, you should know that some strains might not be available in your area. It is good to look for strains that are available locally and are prevalent where you live. This will ensure you get to buy strains that you like.

Bottom line

When choosing the right marijuana strain for you, you should consider its health benefits, taste, and smell. Also, research to understand more about the different types of marijuana strains. Ensure you buy your marijuana strains from reputable dispensaries. Choose a marijuana strain that will give you the effects you desire.