Celebrate the Holidays Safely with Customized Masks from Whizley

Celebrate the Holidays Safely with Customized Masks from Whizley

Over the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned normal life on its head in most parts of the world. And with 2020 drawing to a close, health experts are cautioning about a new strain of the virus, currently ravaging Europe. Yet, life must go on, and individuals, as well as businesses, are trying to find their footing in this new, post-pandemic world.

The time around Christmas and New Year has traditionally been some of the busiest and most exciting in the western world. In some ways, the holiday season can provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to try new precautionary measures and find effective ways to keep their customers and employees safe from the novel coronavirus. employee tracking

The holiday celebrations would provide an easy way to gauge just how well-prepared a company is to implement the safety measures recommended by medical professionals and global health organizations. Moreover, businesses can use this opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other, to make the holiday season safer, more enjoyable, and very profitable for everyone involved.

The Importance of Customized Masks

Health experts around the world agree that the best way to minimize the transmission of the novel coronavirus is to wear well-made face masks and shields. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets, so wearing a face mask when talking, coughing, or sneezing in public can drastically reduce the risk of an outbreak.

For the best results, most healthcare professionals recommend the use of high-quality, multilayer masks with above-average filtering capacity. Ideally, the mask should be made from resilient and healthful materials and manufactured by a trusted PPE brand. The use of other PPE products (like hand sanitizers and gloves) is also recommended, but only in conjunction with the best-in-class face masks.

For these reasons, businesses both big and small are now providing their employees and clients with customized face masks, to remain operational without triggering an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. These customized masks are also widely used during corporate events, seminars, school programs, and restaurant visits. For businesses of all types, customized face masks serve the dual purpose of disease protection as well as brand promotion.

To take advantage of the opportunity this presents, many businesses are rushing to manufacture face masks printed with the logo of their brand or product line. Employees wearing these customized face masks automatically promote their company and brand wherever they go, with no extra marketing expense required. They also increase brand awareness and the visibility of the company. Being an important PPE product, customized face masks also help to build the reputation of the business as a responsible employer that cares about the wellbeing of its workers and customers.

Therefore, customized face masks are quickly becoming a preferred marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Especially for small businesses, it can prove to be a simple and cost-effective way to increase awareness about their products or services among potential consumers. Customized face masks also keep all the employees looking uniform, neat, and elegant. And since the masks are worn on the face (covering the nose and mouth), there’s no way anybody interacting with the wearer would miss the information printed on the surface of the face mask.

During the holiday season, when people are more predisposed to spend money than usual, this increased brand awareness could prove very beneficial for businesses looking to improve their bottom lines. Thus, customized face masks – manufactured by a reputed PPE brand like Whizley – are an excellent way to keep employees safe and attract more customers this winter!

Why Choose Whizley Masks?

The world-class customized face masks manufactured by Whizley are specially designed to distinguish workers and employees from the general public, limit their exposure to the novel coronavirus and other airborne germs, abide by the most stringent safety protocols, and promote a brand or company. These masks are made from a soft, stretchy, and breathable material, so that employees and workers can wear them comfortably all day, without any decrease in productivity.

They also offer other important features like full-color sublimation and flexible earloops. Made from polyester and spandex, these masks are extremely durable and require little maintenance or upkeep. The business owners can provide the logo or artwork that they would like to have featured on their customized face masks. The masks will be delivered within ten days after the design or artwork has been finalized.

Whizley has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality PPE products for the last 27 years, so the quality and cost-effectiveness that they can offer is nearly unparalleled. Unlike many other companies that began manufacturing masks and sanitizers after the spread of COVID-19, Whizley already had decades of experience in this industry.

Now, all that experience and expertise is being used to help businesses of all sizes to make the most of the situation, while keeping their employees safe and their bottom lines healthy. The customized face masks are just one of the strategies that Whizley can help companies implement, to reach their goals.