The Best Featherweight Wheelchair Sales Near Me

The Best Featherweight Wheelchair Sales Near Me

Why do adults with mobility needs look for lightweight wheelchairs? Because they are compact, easy to carry, and transport, making them highly accessible and convenient for the user. Featherweight wheelchairs are among the lightest wheelchairs on the planet.

They are compact, foldable, and can easily be stored in the boot of your car. However, these wheelchairs can cost a pretty penny, which might have you typing “where are the best Featherweight wheelchair sales near me?” into Google. You’re in luck. In this article, we will review our top 3 picks!

Top 3 Featherweight Wheelchair Sales Near You

Featherweight 13 lbs Wheelchair

Claiming to be the lightest wheelchair on the planet, the Featherweight wheelchair sets a new standard in the wheelchair mobility industry. Weighing only 13 lbs., the wheelchair is extremely easy to push, pack, and carry. Its lightweight build and wide 18” seat width offer superior comfort to the user and ensures long hours of sitting without any discomfort.

The wheelchair is completely safe and consists of 2 wheel locks; one on the front wheels (easily accessible by a seated user) and one located at the push handles (for the caregivers). It can also be folded down into a compact size and stored in the trunk of your car.

Key Features

● A weight capacity of 250 lbs.

● A turning radius of 31.5”.

● Quick-release tires which can be detached for easy storage.

● Full-length fixed armrests and swing-away leg rests.

Featherweight Travel Wheelchair – 13 lbs.

One of the best wheelchairs on the market today is the Featherweight travel chair. It weighs only 13 lbs and is one of the lightest transport wheelchairs ever created. It is made of a light steel material that is sturdy and reliable.

It can easily be pushed and propelled by a seated user or a caregiver and can be folded into a compact package. All you have to do is fold the backrest and pull the middle up. The now-folded wheelchair can fit into a trunk, SUV, or any vehicle.

Key Features

● A weight capacity of 300 lbs.

● A seat width of 18” and a depth of 17”.

● Can be folded into a compact size within a minute.

● Lightweight and easy to push and propel.

Heavy Duty 22Lbs. Extra Wide Featherweight Wheelchair

Heavy-duty wheelchairs often weigh 30 lbs or more and are extremely difficult to carry and assemble. Here is where the Featherweight extra-wide heavy-duty wheelchair comes in handy. It weighs only 22 lbs and has a wide seat width of 22”. This wheelchair is made from strong and durable material and can withstand a higher weight.

Moreover, it has 24” rear wheels that can pop off and reduce the wheelchair’s weight to 15 lbs, making it more compact and lightweight to store in the trunk of your car. The wheelchair can also be folded into a compact size.

Key Features

● Weight capacity of 350 lbs.

● Flat-free type tires.

● Full-length fixed armrests and swing-away leg rests.

● 1” thick seat cushion and backrest.


Wheelchair users consider many factors when buying a wheelchair for mobility needs. These include safety, comfort, design, and features, but among them, a lightweight build is the most important.

The above-mentioned Featherweight wheelchairs weigh less, are compact, and are easy to push and propel