5 Things to Use in Your Indoor Cycling Sessions

5 Things to Use in Your Indoor Cycling Sessions

Do you like indoor cycling? After all, who wouldn’t? Any person who is concerned about fitness will be inclined to do more exercises. If your regular schedule is filled with official work, then you will not get ample time to take a separate hour to concentrate on your fitness. This is where the exercises such as running and cycling from your home come handy.

Do you know there are 6 important things that you can use in cycling to make your overall experience and effectiveness of the exercises better? Find out the same in this article. 

  1. Get a Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is important to ensure that you are able to record all your sessions. Without a good fitness tracker you will not get the exact amount of time you have exercised. Similarly, you will neither know when to stop nor how much more time to work out. So, always get a good fitness tracker for your cycling sessions. 

  1. Get a Smart Cycle

A smart cycle is one which has inbuilt sensors that lets you know about the speed, distance and cadence of your cycling. It is not a mandatory thing to have this but the numbers can be motivational. Imagine you cycling for 20 minutes and you get tired but if the dial shows that you have already cycled for almost 13 km, then you will put in that extra effort to reach the 15 km mark.

That is why, it is better to get a smart cycle rather than an ordinary cycle. It helps you to focus your energy on the results by building consistency of workouts.

  1. Use ANT+ Sensors

An ANT+ sensor is a new type of sensor that helps you to gauge how much distance you have covered and how fast you are travelling each km. If you don’t have a smart cycle, it is important to buy these sensors as these will help you to make your ordinary cycle as a smart one. It helps a lot if you practise online cycling.

  1. Use an App to Track the Workouts

Even if you have a smart cycle, it will only help you to track your workouts each time you start the machine. However, recording the overall performance and workouts over a period of time like say a month is not possible in the cycle. That is why an Indoor cycling app is important. 

  1. Use Social Media to Share Your Progress

Most people forget the importance of sharing your progress with friends and family. Humans are social animals and motivation is mostly got from appreciation one receives. So, whether you want to get fit or maintain your physique, it can be easily achieved when you have people cheering up for you. This is where sharing your fitness journey to social media becomes important.

Vingo is a run go app that helps you to do all these easily. It also enhances your exercising experience by using virtual reality. So, what are you waiting for?