With the vast array of equipment available and guides for growing cannabis, you can produce quality buds with only a little effort. New technology available in the market means you can produce the most buds out of a handful of plants. But the most important thing is producing healthier and quality cannabis buds that beat the ones you find at a marijuana dispensary. Luckily, this guide tips you on the various hacks you can employ to produce healthier cannabis buds.

Begin with top-shelf cannabis genetics

The secret to producing quality cannabis is by starting with the best genetics of cannabis seeds. Your source of cannabis seeds or clones matters a lot.  Getting your cannabis seeds from a reputable breeder or seed bank is the key to producing quality buds. Again, don’t feel lazy to research to ensure you are getting the best in the market. Keep in mind that good genetics are worth the money.

Give your cannabis seeds a good start

To produce healthy cannabis plants, you need to give your seeds a good start in life and, most importantly, a healthy environment for root development. Cannabis grow kits comes in handy to keep your cannabis seed healthy as it germinates into a plant. A pot for pot is designed to enhance airflow to the plant’s roots for the root system to thrive and develop.

Remember that the roots facilitate anchoring the plant, water, and nutrient absorption. Good drainage is essential since cannabis roots are prone to getting waterlogged and developing root rot or fungi. You can start the plants in a one-gallon pot then transplant them to a bigger one once they grow.

Provide a lot of light for your plants

If you want to produce great buds, provide a lot of light to your cannabis plants. If you are growing marijuana indoors, most experts advise using HPS lamps or LED lights. Keep in mind that your plants require 16-20hours of light during the vegetative stage, then you switch to 12hours of light and 12hours dark during the flowering stage.

Ensure your soil has a proper PH

You need to regularly test your soil to ensure it has the right PH for the plants to absorb the nutrients. Ensure the soil is between 5.8-6.5PH levels on the PH scale. Note that nutrient imbalance and toxicity interfere with the PH of the soil.

Add suitable nutrients at the right time.

Like any other plant, cannabis plants require nutrients, and timing is the most critical thing. Nutrients with high nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous are vital when the plant is in its vegetative stage. Then during the flowering stage, give the plant more phosphorous. When it comes to adding nutrients, start slowly, then add more as you observe how the plant reacts. You can add nutrients every 1-2weeks, and you can also use compost to boost bud growth.

Observe the temperature and humidity levels

Ensure you expose your cannabis plants to the right temperature and humidity levels. During the growth stage, keep the temperature between 68-77degrees Fahrenheit and 60% humidity. Drop the humidity settings by 5% every week and keep the lights on. When the lights are off, maintain the temperatures at 59-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The last tip

Master the basics of harvesting, drying, and curing your cannabis buds for the best quality.