Top Foods for Boosting Productivity

Top Foods For Boosting Productivity

We are all familiar with those days when you just seem to be running on half a tank, or when you just can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand for more than five minutes. Everything just seems to take twice as long, and the results are half as good. In other words, you have had an “unproductive day”, a complaint which almost nobody on Earth will not have made at some point. 

But what is productivity, and how can you boost it? Productivity is not a scientific or medical term, and there is actually no such thing as a product which can – by itself – “boost productivity”. Rather, productivity needs to be thought of as the state of being productive, and it is judged according to everyone’s individual criteria. 

Nevertheless, we can perhaps say that productivity is the combination of the concentration and energy that allows you to get things done. And, when we talk of concentration and energy, we can certainly think of various foods, drink, and health products that are well known to help with this. Synergy Science, a company specializing in health products such as hydrogen and filtered water, say that this is one of the main things their customers are after. 

The Working Day 

What counts as a productive day will vary from person to person, but most of the time whether you are productive is judged over the time you are applying yourself to mentally or physically strenuous tasks, when you are getting important things done, and being “productive”. This time span is, for the vast majority of people, defined as the working day, that time from around the mid-morning to the late afternoon when they try to “work”. 

Accordingly, the best foods and health products to help with productivity are those which are consumed over the course of the working day. Thus, when trying to create a diet to boost productivity, you should consider all the food you consume over this time. Nobody is seeking extra energy and concentration when they sit down to their dinner; productive foods make their appearance earlier than that. 

Best Foods for Boosting Productivity

So, when trying to create a productivity diet, you need to consider your daytime intake of nutrition. Here are some of the best foods to eat throughout the working day:


These nuts are great for snacking on as you work, and they can help with your productivity. Their calory content provides you with an ample amount of energy and they can also help curb your appetite without making you feel sluggish. 

Green Tea 

For optimal concentration and energy release, consider sipping a few cups of green tea over the course of your working day. Green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is known to boost focus. 


Glucose – or sugar – is important for keeping your energy up and helping you concentrate. Nevertheless, eating sugary snacks and candy is the wrong way to go about consuming sugar during the day. A few bananas offer a slow release of energy that will sustain you throughout a productive day. 


The B-vitamin choline is known to help improve memory and speed up reaction times. It is contained in abundance in eggs. You can consume eggs in the morning and feel the concentration benefits all through the day. Alternatively, why not pack a few hard-boiled eggs to snack on during your break? 

All these foods are easy to work into a daily diet in your place of work or wherever you are hoping to be productive. These are the daytime foods that get you through the day.