Leukemia Causing Benzene Found in Underarm Sprays

Leukemia Causing Benzene Found in Underarm Sprays


Perspiration is unavoidable for anyone. Underarm sprays are an essential product for thousands of people. They cannot maintain a pleasant appearance without these antiperspirant sprays for underarms. However, a recent study has revealed the deadly cost of using products with benzene. Several brands are selling sprays that contain high levels of benzene. It is a classified carcinogen, and the slightest exposure to the chemical compound is harmful. 

Valisure has linked underarm sprays to benzene; it means that an everyday product is causing cancer. However, FDA does not regulate benzene levels in consumer products. A consumer cannot even imagine that an antiperspirant spray for underarms has carcinogenic substances. Therefore, it is impossible to take legal action against these brands despite the petition. 

What is Benzene?

Benzene is a colorless organic compound. Its molecular formula is C₆H₆, and it is a hydrocarbon that is present in petrochemicals and crude oil. Several industries need benzene for manufacturing processes. However, it is not a safe chemical in consumer products. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have classified the compound as carcinogenic. The faintest presence of the chemical can prove deadly in the consumer industry. 

Why is Benzene Used in Underarm Sprays?

Benzene has a pleasant odor, and it calms the human mind. Manufacturers used it in after-shave lotions in the early 20th century. Other companies also started using benzene for similar purposes. So, organizations use benzene for its pleasant smell, but they understand the consequences of using the compound. Nowadays, benzene is present in underarm sprays due to negligence or willful ignorance. Organizations use benzene as a fuel for machinery in factories. It contaminates other products that are in the factory at that time. Besides consumer products, benzene has several applications in the petrochemical industry. 

Valisure Extensive Testing

Valisure is a testing company that checks consumer products. It aims to increase transparency in the pharmaceutical industry. The organization works with stakeholders in different sectors to ensure the safety of products. There is a pandemic of contaminated products in the healthcare industry. Now, extensive testing of consumer products has revealed the negligence of multinational companies such as P&G and Walmart. It seems as if the organizations are not trying to protect the customers. For example, Valisure tested sun-care products in May and found alarming traces of benzene.

Valisure conducted extensive testing of antiperspirant and deodorant sprays. It included 108 batches of products, and benzene was present in 59 sets. The results of the test show the dangerous negligence of consumer brands. Contamination is the most probable reason for the presence of benzene in underarm sprays. Organizations use butane as a fuel in the manufacturing process. They cannot stop the chemical from mixing with the end-product. It is negligence if the organizations have not discovered the contamination. They are willfully endangering customers if they have found benzene contamination.

Underarm Sprays with Highest Benzene Levels 

Some of the best spray deodorants for smelly armpits had dangerous levels of benzene. Old Spice, Secret, Equate, and Suave are huge brands in the consumer industry. Multinational corporations (MNCs) own these brands and have invested a lot of money in marketing these products with benzene. So, it is worrying that even reputable companies are not taking care of consumer safety. The level of negligence is mind-boggling. It highlights the flaws of the current FDA regulations. Smaller companies have no incentive to create better products if MNCs are selling contaminated products. Corruption and malicious incompetence start at the top of the industry. Using the underarm sprays of any of these brands is not safe at the moment. Therefore, customers must always research before even purchasing an everyday product.

Valisure’s Petition to Ban Products with Benzene

Valisure has brought a petition against the contaminated products. The organization wants to protect consumers in every industry. They aim to work with USFDA to strengthen the regulations. The negligent brands can avoid criminal lawsuits as there are no restrictions on benzene in underarm sprays. The legal strength of MNCs is another issue that makes the petition irrelevant. These organizations have extensive legal resources and deep roots in the justice system. The current inaction is encouraging companies to ignore consumer safety. FDA needs to break the influence of these brands over the governing bodies. They must work with MNCs, Valisure, and consumers to create regulations for the future. Vitamin supplements suppliers also have an opportunity to introduce benzene detoxification products.

Harmful Effects of Benzene

Benzene causes life-altering changes to the body. The harmful effects of the colorless compound are terrible. Cell structure holds our body together and maintains normalcy in bodily functions. Benzene permanently damages cell structure; it causes cancer as cells change their natural form. The loss of hemoglobin is another severe consequence of benzene exposure. Anemia is common in patients who are exposed to the compound. Leukemia, bone marrow damage, and permanent immune system damage are terminal diseases. Now, imagine that you can face any of these issues if you use a benzene-contaminated underarm spray. Consumers should not have to worry about terminal illnesses when using everyday products. The current situation shows that brands ignore safety due to legal relaxations.


Benzene is a harmful chemical with a pleasant smell. It was used in lotions, creams, and perfumes before being classified as carcinogenic. Valisure has revealed that some MNCs are still selling products with benzene. It is most likely a case of manufacturing contamination as brands would not knowingly endanger their customers. Anemia, leukemia, and bone marrow damage are some of the effects of benzene exposure. The FDA is failing to protect consumers from these terminal illnesses. Strict regulations are necessary to punish organizations that are endangering customers.