How Varied Farming Methods of Cannabis Impacts The Final Cannabis Product

How Varied Farming Methods of Cannabis Impacts The Final Cannabis Product

As the cannabis moves from the farm, either indoor or outdoor, to the cannabis dispensary retail store, it’s evident that the farming process affects the end product in many ways. Activities that take place during the growing process have a direct or indirect impact on the end product.

1.     Use of Chemicals Vs. Organic Farming

·        Use of Chemicals

Cannabis farmers use chemicals to stimulate rapid growth. However, cannabis plant roots quickly percolate and allow the movement of pesticides into the plant. Hence the substances can be found in the final product. Some of the chemicals used, like pyrethrins, are safe in trace amounts. However, when one smokes cannabis, the heat is likely to change the pyrethrins into a harmful product.

·        Organic Farming

The alternative safe method is organic farming. The plant is grown without using fertilizers, pesticides, or even herbicides. As a result, organic farming products have high concentrations, are safe, and have improved flavor. In addition, organic farming promotes ecological balance with soil, air, water, and bio life. Thus organic farming plays a vital role in sustaining the supply of safe and high-quality cannabis and cannabis products.

2.     Indoor vs. Outdoor farming

·        Indoor farming

In indoor farming, the conditions are highly controlled, and thus farming is done throughout the year. The produce from indoor agriculture is of high quality with higher content of THC but low yields. This method is labor-intensive hence expensive. The high costs of labor and costs of maintaining a controlled environment translate to high prices of cannabis obtained from indoor farming.

·        Outdoor Farming

On the other hand, outdoor farming uses natural sunlight. However, agriculture is seasonal since environmental conditions depend on biological factors. Therefore, the quantity of produce from outdoor farming is higher compared to indoor agriculture. Additionally, indoor farming is not labor-intensive hence cheaper; therefore, cannabis produced through outdoor farming will fetch a lower price at the best cannabis Dispensary.

3.     Innovative Modern Methods Vs. Traditional Farming Methods

·        Innovative modern farming methods include the use of ;

  • Hydroponics- Cannabis seedlings are submerged in a solution containing all the necessary nutrients.
  • Aeroponics- The farmer sprays cannabis seedling roots with a spray infused with the necessary nutrients.
  • Hydroponics and aeroponics methods produce disease-free plants. In addition, the cannabis product from this process is of high quality and thus able to fetch high prices at the cannabis dispensary centers such as Dispensary in Niwot Colorado.

·        Traditional Farming

For traditional farming methods, the farmer plants directly into the soil, where it’s easily infected with diseases, thus lowering the quantity of yield and product quality. On the other hand, cannabis plants planted directly into the soil can easily be wiped out by diseases, thus affecting the availability and prices of cannabis products.


Farmers should enhance safe farming methods and processes for a sustainable and affordable supply of safe and quality cannabis products. Farmers, equally as the manufacturers, should be responsible for ensuring high-quality cannabis products on the shelves of cannabis dispensaries at an affordable rate. Therefore, we should embrace safe, sustainable farming methods and manufacturing processes for a healthy and happy cannabis family.