How To Choose The Right Pot For Growing Your Cannabis Plant

How To Choose The Right Pot For Growing Your Cannabis Plant

When it comes to growing cannabis plants, there are plenty of things you need to put into consideration. One such thing is whether to grow them outdoors or indoors. If you are planning to grow your cannabis plant indoors, you need to invest in a good pot. Many people usually overlook the importance of choosing the right pot. But choosing the right pot is as important as selecting the growing space or selecting the lights.

There are plenty of different cannabis pots in the market. ApotforPot has plenty of cannabis pots. They vary in size, design, and material used to construct them. If you are in the market looking for the right pot for your cannabis plant but you don’t know how to go about it, keep reading this guide as we give you tips to help you choose the right pot. Let’s delve into them.

  1. Determine the size you want  

As mentioned above, containers and pots for growing cannabis plants come in various sizes. The size of pot you go for will depend on how large you want your cannabis plants to grow. If you want them t grow larger and taller, you need to get a wider pot.

  1. The material of the construction material

Containers and pots intended for cannabis plants are made using various materials, such as plastic, wood, metal, terracotta, concrete, coir, etc.  The most economical, damage-resistant, and sturdy of these is rubber or coir. Plastic and rubber are undoubtedly the most widely used in nurseries and plants purchased for re-potting. A rubber container of the right size is ideal for cannabis use. That’s because rubber won’t chip when handled roughly, which is common with other materials. Instead, it will bounce back and continue performing its function. What’s more, rubber pots have adequate drainage and can retain moisture adequately. 

  1. Drainage

Despite the material used to make the pot, a cannabis pot must have proper drainage. The drainage is usually in form of holes or drainage pores along the bottom. The aim is to keep the soil adequately moistened and then eliminate the excess moisture. 

Using pots without drainage, such as plastic cups, pottery or bowls is inviting disaster because you won’t be able to accurately monitor soil moisture. For instance, a bowl with no drainage can appear dry on the soil surface but maybe soaked with standing water at the bottom.

Unless you are growing your plants indoors on a cement floor with drains; using trays or saucers can help capture drained water. Additionally, it will increase humidity in the grow space, which may be a bad or good thing depending on your relative humidity levels. If humidity is low, you can let the water evaporate on its own, as long as it eventually does so. On the other hand, if humidity is high, it is advisable to discard excess water from the trays or saucers after it collects and pools. 

Final thoughts

The above factors can help you get a perfect pot that you can grow your cannabis plants and have an optimum harvest. So if you are out shopping for a cannabis pot, pay attention to the above factors.