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Essential Cannabis Companions: The Ultimate Guide to Weed Kits for a Seamless Smoking Experience

Every cannabis user knows there are certain essential tools you must have on hand for a truly relaxed smoking session. Nothing is worse than having to rummage around for tools when you just want to unwind after a stress-filled day. So make life easier and consider an all-in-one kit for weed that keeps your stash, device, and tools in one place for portable, secure convenience. Here are the cannabis companions you must have.

7 Essential in a Weed Kit

For weed smoking, there are certain tools you need to have in front of you before you can light up. These are listed before:


If you are not grinding your weed before using it, you are missing out. It is easier and cleaner than using your fingers or some kitchen utensil and provides a better experience. Your joints are easier to roll and burn more evenly. If you invest in a good one, it will have a kief catcher which collects those potent particles in its screen. Then you can use them as you wish for an exceptionally customized experience.

Rolling Paper

High-quality rolling paper is thin and made from natural fibers. They won’t affect the taste and aroma of your cannibals and are environmentally friendly. Popular choices include hemp, flax, and rice paper. Also, have a couple of different sizes with you. The 1-1/4 size is appropriate for a solo smoke, but for a crowd, go for a king size.

Joint Holder Tube

Sometimes, you don’t have time for a smoke or have one on hand to use later. An airtight joint holder tube will keep your precious roll safe from bumps and dents while keeping it fresh longer.


These portable pipes are perfect for an instant high and a useful way to conserve your stash. Also known as a bat, these hold less than a gram and are good for a hit or two. The best part is you don’t waste any of your weed.

Water Pipe

Sometimes, you don’t feel like rolling a joint, in which case you can turn to a water pipe. There are several materials available, but cannabis lovers swear by glass. It’s easy to clean and preserves the authentic taste without any lingering flavors.

Poking Tool

A poking tool, or poker, is a slender piece of metal with multiple applications. Use it to clean your grinder, pop out a screen, pack your joint, and clear your one-hitter.

Smell-Proof Storage Container

The ultimate kit for weed has to have a case that has enough space for your cannabis and its accessories. Furthermore, it is waterproof, shockproof, and smell-proof, protecting everything inside. Don’t forget that cannabis is delicate and sensitive to humidity, heat, and light; smart storage is the key to making it last as long as possible. Also, the right container makes your cannabis portable, so you can smoke whenever you want to.

In the End

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid cannabis user or just starting your herb journey; keeping all your essential cannabis tools together just makes for a better smoking experience. Investing in the right equipment from Happy Kit will simplify things so you can focus on enjoying yourself.