Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

A good smile can transform your overall appearance and improve your confidence. A smile full of white teeth is a sign of beauty and elegance, which is why most people seek the best cosmetic dental procedures. Although traditional dentistry mainly deals with proper oral hygiene, diagnosis, and treatment, cosmetic dentistry focuses more on the appearance of your teeth. It resolves issues like crooked, discolored, chipped, and missing teeth. If you’re seeking the best cosmetic dental treatment, the Smiles on Queen, dentist in Bolton will examine your teeth and advice on the best procedure to fix your issue.

 What are the different types of cosmetic dental treatments?

  1. Dental bonding

If your teeth are chipped, cracked, discolored, bonding would be ideal. The procedure involves applying enamel resins to the tooth’s surface, molding, and hardening them using ultraviolet or laser light. The end product blends with the surrounding dental structure, making your smile more attractive.

  1. Dental braces

Dental braces benefit children and adults alike. They help correct crooked or malformed teeth and fix irregular bites and jaw joint issues for adequate jaw alignment. Braces function by repositioning your teeth and aligning them by applying constant pressure. Braces can be in the form of metal, ceramic, or porcelain brackets bonded to your teeth. The devices feature arch wires to ensure the proper positioning of your teeth.

  1. Dental bridges

 If you have missing teeth, bridges can help fill the gap with artificial teeth. Bridges are generally made of gold, porcelain, alloys, or a combination of these materials. They are fixed by cementing them in place of the missing tooth or teeth. The treatment doesn’t require hospitalization and takes about one hour. Bridges can last from 3 to 15 years, depending on how well you maintain them.

  1. Veneers

 Dental veneers are thin shells or resin that are custom-made to cover the front surfaces of your teeth. They are bonded to your teeth and modified to match the color, shape, size of your teeth.

  1. Implants

Implants are a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. They are expensive due to their durability and are sought after by many. Implants are artificial root replacements fixed into the missing teeth’s bone sockets.

Dental implants feature three parts, these are;

  • A titanium metal that is bonded to the jawbone 
  • An abutment that fits over the part of the implant
  • A crown that gives the implanted tooth a natural-looking appearance.
  1. Teeth whitening

 Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure offered at the dental clinic in Bolton. It helps alleviate stains, whitens your teeth, and significantly improves your looks and smile. Teeth whitening can help fix discoloration from smoking and tea and coffee stains. Although you’ll get whitening kits in the market, supervised dental treatment is the safest and effective way to deal with stained teeth.

Final thoughts

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming popular each day, thanks to its many benefits. There are different cosmetic procedures to fix various dental conditions, and it’s best to seek advice from a dentist before undergoing cosmetic treatment. Also, always seek cosmetic dental treatment from accredited dental clinics to ensure high quality and safe procedures.